New website, new Ludum Dare!

I finally got round to finishing up a new website. And you’re on it right now!
I spent about 5 months on and off working on this site, so I hope you’ll like it as much as I do :). From now on, this will be the central place where I’ll post all my games, general blogposts and devlogs.

Which brings me to the next subject: Ludum Dare!
I will take part in the upcoming Ludum Dare Compo this weekend. It’ll be the third time I join in on all the game-making jammy fun.
You can find my first entry, Vault, on this site, as well as it’s OUYA-remake and my second entry, OHNOES!. And hopefully soon, also my third entry!

This time, I’ll be using the wonderful HaxeFlixel. It’s a great open-source Haxe library based of off Adam Saltsman’s well-known Flixel for ActionScript. This will allow me to publish at the same time to both Mac, Windows, Linux and the web (in Flash as well as in HTML5 – although the latter is still experimental). I’ve spent some time these last months getting accustomed with the code, as well as contributing to it. I will try to keep this blog updated with devlogs every now and then during Ludum Dare. I’m not sure if that will be possible given the limited timeframe for the compo, but I’ll do my best ;).

As for the website, I’ll leave all comments enabled for now, although I’m not sure if that will be viable in the long run. Even while making this site, there have been about 20 automated spam accounts that registered and commented on my site. And that was when it was still only reachable if you knew the IP-address, with not a single other site linking here.

I think that’s about all for now. If you’d like to contact me, all links are in the sidebar to the right.
So yeah, welcome to my completely revamped website!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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