Cellular Automaton

Cellular Automaton: a NOR gate

“Cellular Automaton” is more a proof of concept than an actual game. You can place logic gates (only NAND and NOR gates atm.) on a hexagonal field, change their inputs and link them together. This automaton is turing-complete, which means that it is – in theory – possible to emulate a working computer on this grid. This was made in HTML5 + JS, so all source code is publicly visible. The gate pictured to the left is a NOR gate, the symbol of the NAND gate looks like “!&”.

  • Left click: place a new object or change the type of an existing object.
  • Right click: toggle the state of a cell (+ or -).
  • The blue sides of the gates (top left, top right and bottom side) are the inputs of that gate.

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