Ludum Dare 29 Post-Mortem: FedIt!


So, Ludum Dare 29 is over and I decided to call my game FedIt! for some reason. Day 2 of development started rather slow, but went well over all. I had a clear idea of what the graphics had to look like, so I could spend most of the day trying different things. Music was a whole different story, though. It was around midnight local time when I started working on the music. The Ludum Dare deadline was at 3am. I just tried a lot of random stuff using Terry Cavanagh‘s amazing Bosca Ceoil. I’m not all that pleased with how the music turned out eventually. But I was getting tired so I just tried something that wasn’t completely horrible (according to tired me) and went with it.

While developing FedIt, I always played it fullscreen (or maximized, at least). So when I released it, I didn’t think about the fact that most people would just leave it at the standard size, which is actually really small (640×480) and makes it quite difficult to see what exactly is going on. I did add a message saying you can toggle fullscreen mode. And for the Flash version, I added a message saying you can use Kongregate’s “Cinematic Mode” to make the screen a bit bigger. But I should’ve known most people won’t bother with that and should just have made the default game size bigger. The size is also the main complaint I get on my Ludum Dare page. Apart from it being really hard, but that’s something people have said about almost all my games so far :P.

All in all, I’m quite happy with how FedIt! turned out. With some better music and a bigger default size, this would probably be my favourite game-made-by-me so far. After the compo is over, I will probably release a post-compo, more polished version. If I’m not bored of it by then.

Please leave a rating/comment on the Ludum Dare page (or in the comment section below) if you have (not) enjoyed FedIt!
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– Zed.

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