Ludum Dare 29 Day 1

So, the first day of Ludum Dare is (almost) over for me. And what a good, productive day it was!
My game – which shall remain nameless for now – is pretty much feature complete. I might have to tweak some things after playtesting, but other than that, tomorrow will almost exclusively be dedicated to making graphics. I’ve got more or less a graphical style in mind already, so it shouldn’t be that hard to do. All in all, I’m pretty confident I’m more than halfway done with this game, with almost 28 hours remaining at the time of writing

I’m making my Ludum Dare entry with Haxeflixel. It has proven to be very useful for this kind of thing. It’s really quick to test things (almost no compile time needed) and it’s possible to compile for all operating systems, no matter which one you’re using yourself. It also allows me to publish my game via flash, which always gets a lot more people to play your game in Ludum Dare. Although the flash version seems to have some rendering problems which I haven’t sorted out completely (yet).

As for other contestants, you should definitely check out Notch‘s game, Drowning. It’s pretty profound and cool. Sophie Houlden is creating something really nice, as is rxi, if he ever gets to adding gameplay, that is :P.

I’ve got some playable builds available for you. Please do keep in mind these are untextured and the flash version might have a worse performance. You are the little black block and you have to feed the big black block at the bottom. Food is brown and drops from blue mobs you shoot. You can combine little pieces of food into bigger chunks which are more saturating by pushing them into eachother. Beware of the red mobs though, as they will try to eat everything they can. This includes pieces of food, food you had already given to the big black block, and even the player itself. One bite of these guys in the player character and it’s game over. Luckily, you can shoot them pretty easily… most of the time.

First prototype for my LD29 entry

As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!
And if you’re also participating; good luck with the rest of LD29! 🙂
P.S. I’d love to hear some of your suggestions for a title! 😉

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