FedIt! Alpha 1 – Progress Report

It’s finally here! FedIt! Alpha 1 has now officially been released!

What’s Already Done
At the moment, the FedIt! Alpha version contains everything the original LD version contained, except for real textures because they’re not completely done yet. I’ve used the original sounds and music as they appeared in the LD version, but will update them in the future. I just haven’t had enough time yet. Sometimes, there’s still some small bugs with food merging, although it appears to depend on your computer. Some computers have bugs with the merging while others have none. The game might also feel a bit slower than the original because I’ll be adding a progression system in the beta version and I’ve already laid the groundworks for that system. I’ve tried to temporarily balance the game so you can play it infinitely for now, and I’ve made everything a bit faster than it probably will be at the start of the game as soon as there’s a real progression system. There’s no in-game tutorial yet, but all controls are the same as in the LD version though:: WASD/ZQSD/Arrow Keys to move, click to shoot. The rules are also exactly the same for now: combine food and feed it to monster, but don’t let Eviluns get to the monster’s food.
The engine I’m building FedIt! in uses Box2D for physics. I was surprised how much of a difference this makes! Physics updates are blazing fast! This also means the physics are a lot more realistic than they were in the original version, which sometimes makes it a lot harder to control where you want to push food to (tip: using your mouse for pushing the food around can really help a lot!). I’ve got some idea’s for how I can make this a bit easier in future updates, and I’ll be trying some for the next update for sure!

FedIt! Alpha 1
Look at those ticks/updates per second! Box2D <3.

What’s Coming
I’m planning to periodically update FedIt! and I’ll try to write a devlog every time I do. I hope I can deliver the next update in about two weeks. But I’ve been having a heck of a lot of work lately, so it could end up being delayed a bit. The first update I’m planning to do is introducing a real GUI and probably a short in-game tutorial, to make the game more accessible to people that didn’t play the original Ludum Dare version (probably about everyone everywhere). And then by the end of november, I’m hoping to be able to release the first beta version. So if everything’s going to plan, there might be around 3 to 4 alpha versions before that. I’ll try my best, but there’s been a lot of work at University (again), and it looks like it might be getting even more busy. You can always follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with how progress is going. The beta version should at least contain (more) textures, hopefully better sounds, an in-game tutorial, and a progression system. One of the first updates will probably add controller support. And I’m also looking into the possibility of getting a browser version up and running, although I’m not entirely sure if it will ever be possible. But I’ll try! 🙂

About the Business Model
The way I’ll ultimately release FedIt! will depend on how satisfied I am with the end product, and how comfortable I’ll feel with charging money for it. Up to now, everything I have ever released to the public, has been completely free, there has never even been the option to pay for anything I released. And I want to be sure FedIt! is actually worth any money before I’m willing to really charge for it. That’s why I’ll probably end up releasing it as PWYW. And if I see what people are paying for it on average, I might change the price to reflect that average, it’ll all depend on how satisfied I am with the end product. But that’s still a long way away. For now, I am releasing FedIt! on itch.io though. Mainly so I can make use of their distribution system to easily distribute updates to all alpha testers.

And Now, For Something Completely Different
If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out The Beginner’s Guide. It’s a really amazing game that hit close to home for me. I think a lot of people, especially those in a creative business (like game development) will recognize a lot of it. It’s the first and only piece of media I’ve ever experienced that was able to make me feel like the way it did. It really succeeds in capturing a lot of the struggles I’ve been going through personally, and still go through from time to time. If you haven’t tried The Beginner’s Guide yet or don’t know what it is, I’d advice you to just buy it and to go in blind. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

– Zed.

You can download FedIt! Alpha 1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix over at my itch.io page!

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